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Pinellas Professionals

Automotive Repair
Mick Cipolla
Courteous Car Care
(727) 415-4615
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Karen De Jesus-Goldberg
Bank OZK
(727) 536-6229
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Boat Club
Greg Sweeney
Freedom Boat Club of Tampa Bay
(813) 394-2850
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Business Assistance
Ken Grote
PLN Business Assistance
(727) 656-0572
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Charlotte Hicks
Yarrow Family Chiropractic
(727) 754-2084
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Coin Collecting Assoc
Bob's Coins
(727) 586-1015
Community:Kind Kids, PacA Snack
Heather Lotz
Lotz of Blessings
(727) 744-1331
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Financial Services
Sotiraq Qirjollari
AdviceWise Financial
(727) 475-9111
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Flags Installed
James Christie
99 Flag
(727) 560-1091
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Furniture Moving
Neil Daingerfield
daingerfield Moving
(727) 392-5856
Todd Carr
(727) 687-0205
Massage Therapist / Health
Susan Reid
Susan Reid RN, LMT
(727) 543-2144
Medicare Health Plans
Chris Edens
Edens Insurance Agency, Inc
(727) 581-1263
Mortgage: Residential / Commercial
April Burridge-Ball
Supreme Lending
(727) 642-7590
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Ken Grote
Professional Leads Network
(727) 656-0572
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Permanent Makeup / Tatoo Removal
Marcy Yauchler
(727) 638-0994
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Personal Digital Technology Consultant
James Christie
(727) 560-1091
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Quilts & Quilted Products
Virginia Spraker Isaacs
Sew Fun / Palm Harbor Quilts
(727) 785-6666
Realtor :Residential Sales
Denny Stone
The Shop Real Estate Company
(727) 639-3786
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Roofing Consultant
Debbin Smith
The Roofer Chick
(727) 370-7624
Wine Parties, Sales, Private Label
Deborah Russell
PRP Wine
(727) 215-8489
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