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Why Visit Professional Leads Networking Group?


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Why Join a Networking Group?

  • It is a great way of building your business
  • It helps you stay in touch with the business world
  • It improves your public speaking
  • It allows you to meet other people in your similar situation
  • It enables you to help others
  • It provides the best source for finding services or products

Why Join PLN?

It does all of the above plus we (those at PLN) actively seek leads for you and members for your chapter.

Free InvitationFree Invitation

You are invited to attend two meetings of Professional Leads Network, eat lunch or breakfast for free, to see if you would like to become a member. Bring your business cards and any information you would like to pass out. Expect from 20 to 30 people at each meeting. Be prepared to speak for about 1-2 minutes to tell us about your business and how we can send you customers. You will find a comfortable relaxed welcome atmosphere where a lot of leads are exchanged.

Each meeting is very informative because there will be a speaker. When you become a member you may, if you wish, schedule a 20 minute "trade" talk to further educate us about your business.  What better way to see what is going on in the business world.

Each group meets at the same location each week, therefore that group gets to know you very well. The more you educate us about your industry and we feel confident with you, the more we can recommend you to all our friends and acquaintances. We actually become a sales staff for you.

Breakfast meetings last from 7:30 AM until 9:00 PM. Lunch meetings are from 11:45 AM until 1:00 PM. Meetings end on time because we know that getting to your customers is very important.

You may visit all of our chapters and network as long as there is no competitor in your field.

PLN takes an active part in helping the communities and charities. We have raised money to help the WOW Program, feed a needy family for The Haven, and we participate in Paint Your Heart Out Clearwater. We encourage you to tell us about any kind of fund raising you may be involved in, so that we may help you with it.

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How to Join

Membership begins and that category is declared closed when initial dues are paid. A member can occupy only one category. One person can be a member of only one group. However, a company can have different representatives join different groups.

The membership price of $170.00 per quarter includes both the membership and meal fees. This fee is subject to change. There is a one time $15.00 administrative fee. There are NO yearly dues!

A guest (Prospective member) may come to two meetings totally free. At the third meeting the guest will be asked to pay the price for their meal ($9.00) and will be asked to decide on joining. The start date will be the week after the second meeting and the member will be billed quarterly from that date for membership.

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